Monday, 2 February 2015

Invitation to Visit Our On Line Store

Do you have any goals? How about a dream that you'd like to fulfil? 

I have a goal and a dream too. As a second year student of occupational therapy, I began to think of a treatment centre that I'd like to develop. It's been a goal and a dream for well over 20 years now. I have had many knocks along the way and each knock gives me another idea of something to include, alter or adapt to my ultimate vision. The journey has been an interesting one. Some aspects I have often thought I'd rather do without, however, some of the most difficult challenges are certainly shaping and contributing to the work I now do and the centre in the making.

The current task at hand is developing our store. We are just in the initial stages of learning how to develop an on line store and including products, features and more. I'd like to ask for your input. Can you do me a little favour? Can you visit the link to our 
on line store, browse around and send me a comment of one factor you like about what you see and one idea you have that can help to make shopping in this store, easier, more user friendly and a pleasant shopping experience.

As a thank you for your time, you can receive a discount to your purchase in our store.

So join us in our journey to develop a Torah-Healing Centre. Visit our store often as products are added, features are altered and remember to make your purchase today, as there is no telling if it will still be in stock tomorrow.

Thank you for your assistance

Shoshanah Shear
Occupational Therapist, Healing Facilitator
Certified Kallah Teacher
Certified Infant Massage Instructor
Artist, Photographer and Author

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