Sunday, 8 February 2015

Learning on YouTube

Do you have goals that you wish to fulfill? Have you turned to the vast array of YouTube videos to help gain skills, insight and more? If your answer is yes, then I have a question I hope you can assist me with.

I'm in the process of researching to improve my marketing and publicity. As such, I too have been learning from a few YouTube videos and experts. In several of them I am finding a video style that I don't understand. The style is the have the speaker face the camera and begin to discuss his or her topic and after about a minute, the video changes direction. The video jumps and either the speaker has to move to meet up with the videographer
so as to continue to face the audience or s/he is filmed in profile.

I understand the change after about a minute might be to try to keep the viewer rather than have the viewer disconnect. Do you find it helps keep your attention or do you find it as distraction?

For me, the sudden change of video direction and the speaker moving and moving back and forth is very distracting and rather irritating. 

As an O.T. I have worked with clients with difficulty with distraction, concentration and attention. As a result, I am interest to hear from videographers and from those who view these YouTube video's. Do you find the constant change of video and speaker to help to maintain your interest or are you like me and find it frustrating and irritating?

What is your experience and what would be the ideal for you. Your input is most appreciated as it will help us in preparing should we too, begin offering some YouTube videos.

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