Thursday, 14 May 2015

Books versus Tech

Here are some things for the Book VS Tech (example tablets)

Printed Books:

  - Pro's - Printed books provide children with the opportunity for:
  • physical contact 
  • increased social learning 
  • visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory stimulation, 
  • crossing mid-line
  • usually there are many pictures in a book that the parent can discuss with the child at any age
  • reading out loud will lead to a child repeating words and an opportunity for discussion
  • much more Bilateral Upper Extremity movement

- Con's - Printed books can provide the following problems
  • Some kids are allergic to dust mites , mold, and books contain these. 
  • Pages rip / tear
  • potential of paper cuts. 
  • books are hard to sterilize.
  • books would be hard for some diagnosis to hold / handle. Examples of these are Burns , MS, Parkinsons Arthritics, CVA's (Strokes), some CP, quadriplegics and so on. 
  • If there are pictures, the imagination is limited to what the child sees.

The TABLET / Kindle

Pro's -
  • Easy to handle by many people with CVA's MS, Parkinsons and so on
  •  Can be sterilized, 
  • No mold or dust mites
  •  Increased sequencing in getting to the book on line and steps to turn pages

  • Some parents would be quick to just let the child entertain them selves with it. This is fine on trips, or other times when tablets are appropriate, but limits development if this is the main form of reading.
  • No midline crossing to speak of
These are just a quick few. I'm sure if I spent an hour or two on it I would fill the page.
Maybe you could put this up for discussion to see what others say about the pros and cons on each and the therapeutic benefit of each.

Thanks for getting my brain to work for a little bit.
Thanks for the opportunity to share. I love it !

This post is prepared by Claudia Williams
Occupational Therapist with 37 years experience

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