Thursday, 16 July 2015

More Book Reviews on Tuvia Finds His Freedom

Sharing another two comments by satisfied customers reading our kids book "Tuvia Finds His Freedom"

Since they are short, I have included two reviews here.

"Truly a warm and loving story of one of G-d's many beautiful creations who finds his way back to his natural environment with the help of a young couple. This story illustrates the importance of performing good deeds and helping G-d's creations. Perfect read for all ages with wonderful photographs. Highly recommended." - by Tehilla

"We read Tuvia Finds his Freedom at a friend's home and my 6-year-old daughter was enthralled by the story. We have just placed an order for two copies - one for ourselves and one for my child's classroom. Truly a sweet story of a kind couple coming across a tortoise and seeking to help it find a safe home." - by J.R.

"Tuvia Finds His Freedom" Written and Photographed by Eliyahu and Shoshanah Shear is available on,,, BookDepository, eStore of CreateSpace. Ask for it in your local book store, you might just find it there too. If not, you can show them this review and encourage them to sell the book.

These reviews have been shared by Shoshanah Shear
Co-author and Co-photographer of Tuvia Finds His Freedom

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