Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Step Number One in Preparing to Work from Home

Yesterday, I began a series of posts on the topic of working from home. If you find yourself needing or wanting to work from home, the best way to become successful is to work smartly. That means begin by doing a stock take, preparing and planning so as to develop a plan that will help you to reach your goals. There are a number of facts you will need to write down as part of your stock take. So step number one is to decide whether you would like this process to be physically in a tangible book or folder or to keep a record on the computer or a combination. Your decision might depend on whether you have any disabilities or limitations, e.g. someone who is blind or quadriplegic will need to use a computer or adaptive technology / equipment. 

Once you have decided which method you will be using, we can get started. If you have a new blank book to use as a work book or a folder that you can insert pages into then take it out and label it as being your workbook for this process. If you prefer to keep your record online, open a word document and save it with a title suitable for this process.If you wish to use a combination or to work in a book / journal / folder but lack the appropriate stationary, your first step will be to go out and purchase what you need. If you need the funds for this, then we need to work out what the cost will be and how you can obtain it.

Your homework now will be to make sure you have a notebook, folder, scrapbook or document on your computer in order to begin your stock taking. Prepare what you need to keep your record and come back for the next step in doing your stock take.

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