Thursday, 26 November 2015

New Angle on Defining Your Niche

I've been reading a few newsletters put out by Jena Casbon of the Independent Clinician on developing or progressing one's private practice. As with most small business newsletters she talks about developing one's niche and how to market yourself effectively.

Most talk about who your clients will be and how to focus on structuring one's material, services etc to suit the niche market. Something Jena mentioned has made a great impression and I've been mulling over it for a few weeks now. Jena shared that just as one needs to identify who you will be servicing and working on attracting that clientele, so too, you need to identify what kinds of clients are not your ideal and to filter these out.

This is wonderful advice and hence I decided to share it. There are millions and millions of people in the world and not all of them will be suitable as your clients. For a doctor who specializes in treating hand injuries (for example) problems with the ear are not going to be his area of interest and hence clients needing an ear, nose and throat specialist or an audiologist will not be his target clients. Now it could be that they stumble upon his website or flyer or other marketing material, but if they happen to call and find that doctor x treats a different condition, then doctor x will serve the person best by referring them on to the correct doctor or service provider. 

In the same way, if a given caller does not have the means to pay or the patience to listen to how you work or does not meet your criteria of your niche area, that's great. It's wonderful as you have then filtered out someone who you would not wish to be servicing anyway.

I love that piece of advice. Hope you benefit from it too.

Are you working for yourself or starting to work from home? What are your thoughts on this idea? Where are you in the path to work independently?

I look forward to hear from you the reader.

Have a blessed day or evening

Shoshanah Shear
Occupational therapist, healing facilitator
Certified Kallah teacher
Certified infant massage instructor
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