Monday, 11 January 2016

PACE your Goals for 2016

We are well into January of 2016 and behind the times to plan your new year effectively. However, there is no time like the present and in truth it is never too late to set goals, revise goals and plan towards an effective year.

Have you set goals for this year? What area of your daily life is the most important for you to succeed in this year? It can be a goal related to your health, it can be a goal related to your career, your relationships, an interest you would like to pursue. Whatever your goals, have you made time to identify them? Have you written your goals so that they are clear, positive, energetic and active? You can reshuffle those words and then you will have the method used in Educational Kinesiology known as PACEing a goal. Which means making sure that your goals are

Why is this important? To begin with, spending the time to PACE your goals correctly forces you to concentrate on what is absolutely important for you and to refine the goal as far as possible.

Let us take a few examples.  How about you have a goal to lose weight during 2016. You can write something like:
"I will do my best to keep to my diet and to lose the weight I want to"

How does that goal sound to you? How specific is it? Is it measurable? Is it positive? Is it clear?

Now let us alter the goal to read "I loose 10 kg of weight by March 2016"

Do you notice any difference? Which goal do you prefer and why?
Can you think of any details that might be required?
If you are happy with your weight, do you have something else that you need to work on in order to develop a healthy balanced lifestyle?

Have you set goals for yourself for 2016? If your answer is yes, are they tangible goals or do they need some revising? If you live in Israel and have not yet set goals and begun to draw up a plan of action to help you meet these goals, you are welcome to be in touch to schedule an appointment work on setting realistic goals for yourself, refining your goals and developing an action plan. 

If you have set your goals and are happy with them, you are welcome to share what your goals are below.

Wishing you a successful, productive and fulfilling 2016

Shoshanah Shear
Occupational Therapist and Healing Facilitator

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