Wednesday, 3 February 2016

8 Ways in which Blogging Can Assist You

For those wanting to earn from home and / or to earn online, does blogging help and if so how?

I was just reading a sobering blog post about all kinds of mistakes that one could be making with their blog which could prevent them from being able to earn effectively. In amongst the 26 tips provided, the post mentioned that most blogs will not earn even $100 from their blog. Well I am happy to state that through blogging my husband and I have both earned $100 in just google ads not to mention other referrals that have happened from the blog. What does this show, yes it takes work and regular input, however, it is possible to meet the minimum amount mentioned of $100. For us, the main key has been regular posting and making sure to have varied posts. Obviously there is much more to blogging. 

So, we can ask, what is the purpose of blogging. How does it help?

1) To begin with, by having a blog you are creating the opportunity for those outside of your immediate community, city or circle to get to know you.

2) If you are disciplined about writing blog posts regularly, this can assist you to create, develop and identify ideas.

3) If you have a profession, service or product, having a blog can assist you to think about what it is that you offer and to construct posts that can enable those who do not know you or your service to come to understand and appreciate the value of what you offer.

4) If you take the time to look at your google analytics and or  feedjit or other resources to track your readers, you can gain insight into the types of posts that readers are enjoying or visiting more frequently.

5) For those who take a little time to reflect on their blogs, posts and to look at the work of others, you have the opportunity to improve your writing skills

6) When you are needing to gather ideas for marketing a given event, product, service etc, blogging provides a number of opportunities. You can use it to reflect on progress, to brain storm or to pose questions. If you are promoting your blog, then you have the potential to receive feedback from your readers.

7) Blogging is a form of taking action. Even if you receive little feedback and are not managing to bring in the $100 minimum that many blogs struggle to do, your blog can also be a form of journaling which on its own has a certain value and benefit.

8) If you are considering developing a career in writing, then having a blog can enable you to create articles and posts to show to potential clients. 

Whether your blog is to assist you with a work goal or a personal goal, having a blog does have a value. What value or benefit it will provide is up to you. If you would like guidance in identifying your goals and ascertaining how having a blog can assist you to meet these goals, please do be in touch.

Have a blessed day

Shoshanah Shear

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