Thursday, 4 February 2016

Reflexology for Patient in Coma

A reader asked about reflexology with comatosed patients. I have not personally used reflexology though I have used anti-edema massage. However, one of my clients we did use acupuncture to a specific point on the big toe. it is very difficult to know how much the acupuncture assisted as the patient was receiving a full coma stimulation program. Having said that, the patient did make a remarkable recovery, far exceeding doctors predictions.

Can reflexology work? I have not read any articles or research on the topic. I do not know enough about reflexology so can not give a final answer, however, certainly the point on the big toe that was stimulated with my patient can assist. If you are an expert in reflexology and interested in providing services to comatosed patients, I would recommend 1) obtaining permission from the consulting doctor and 2) consulting with a neuro-occupational  therapist who specializes in Sensory Integration (S.I.) and possibly both SI and NDT. 

If anyone has an answer, preferably that can be verified by clinical research I would be interested to hear your input.

May we all stay well and not require the need for such intervention.

Shoshanah Shear

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