Thursday, 29 December 2016

Waiting to Hear from my Readers

I am waiting with eager anticipation to hear how the non-OTs reading my book are enjoying it. I have heard from one that she received her copy, loves the cover and was looking forward to starting to read it. It is so wonderful to hear that people are enjoying the cover. A lot of thought and discussion went into the cover design. The title of the book was changed too.

I have just heard from another non-OT that she is about to begin reading the book after 2 weeks of being ill. Winter certainly can be a time of illness. Stay warm, drink plenty of hot drinks and I wish you a healthy winter.

On my end though all I can say is "Oy, the waiting can be hard!"

What about the OTs reading the book? Well, one of them had a busy schedule and was about to begin. One has begun reading her copy and so far describes the book as "Compelling reading!" Not that is encouraging to hear. Another OT I am waiting to hear from.

These are not the only sales though. There are a few who have purchased without letting me know who they are or if the book has arrived. For these I can only wait and hope to hear from them. I do enjoy hearing from my readers.

It is slow beginnings but every interaction, every positive comment, every OT or non-OT interested in reading the book helps me to have the motivation to strive to get the word out and to continue to write further books. 

Do you have a question related to Occupational Therapy? Please send in your comments / questions. I will be happy to answer them either in a blog post, an eBook, in my newsletter or another book. 

Have you purchased your copy of "Healing Your Life Through Activity - An Occupational Therapist's Story"? If not, it is easily available online:

It is so amazing to see more and more online retail bookstores stocking this book. So hurry along to get your copy today. 

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